The RPS flex from APi is a convenient drive-over solution for the fully automatic determination of tire tread depth, including license plate recognition. The tires of all cars are measured fully automatically – you never miss a worn tire. Ready to operate in just five minutes by means of plug & play: The RPS flex is assembled at the place of installation and connected to a monitor screen, a power supply and – if available – to the Internet. You can start measuring right away.

Underground and above-ground installation possible:
The RPS flex can be integrated perfectly into your existing reception and workshop processes. Apart from that the appliance is mobile and flexible in use – wherever it suits you¹. The choice is yours!

Simple, carefree use:
No manual inputs, stopping or changes of direction are necessary for the operation of the appliance. The RPS flex requires little maintenance as it is resistant to glare, dirt and water and can be cleaned simply and quickly when necessary. The license plate recognition and tread depth measurement also work perfectly in the dark.

The tread depths of all four tires of a vehicle are measured within a matter of seconds and displayed on the monitor. The last ten measurements associated with this license plate are also displayed. Older measurements can also be retrieved online as an option.

The instant representation of the measurement results via WIFI and HDMI with an easy-to-understand color code makes fast, intuitive interpretation easier for the customer. The additional graphic display of the tire tread indicates abnormal wear.

Usable as a drive-over solution for:

  • Tire dealers and warehouses

  • Car dealers (direct reception/safety check)

  • Used car evaluation

  • Technical inspections

Der neue Standard für die berührungslose Reifenprofiltiefenmessung.


RPS Flex berührungslose Reifenprofilmessung Prozessschritt 1

1. License plate recognition

The license plate is scanned, read in and displayed on the monitor screen automatically when approaching the RPS flex. It is matched automatically to the tire values. A warning appears if the vehicle drives over too fast.

RPS Flex berührungslose Reifenprofilmessung Prozessschritt 2

2. Front wheel measurement

The tread depth of the front wheels is measured first. This takes place while driving over the measuring aperture. The result appears in real time on the monitor screen on the front wheels of the axle model. In addition, a traffic light color code indicates the tire condition.

RPS Flex berührungslose Reifenprofilmessung Prozessschritt 3

3. Rear wheel measurement

The tread depth of the rear wheels is measured in the same way as for the front wheels. This result also appears on the monitor screen in real time and concludes the measurement. The last ten results are displayed with the RPS flex basic package.

RPS Flex berührungslose Reifenprofilmessung Prozessschritt 4

4. Online Connection²

With the optional online connection not just the last ten measurements, but all past results can be retrieved using a PC or tablet. You can save an endless number of results over the contract period.

¹ Due to higher cleaning effort the outdoor use is only suitable to a limited extent
² Optional. Not part of the basic configuration.