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R 3000 – the noncontact chassis and tire measurement system

A car lift with an integrated, noncontact measurement system for chassis and tires is the core of the R 3000 active reception robot. Obtain a comprehensive overview of existing and future demands for chassis and tires in just five minutes. Select a host of evaluation and configuration options you to create simple customer presentations as well as in-house evaluations. Get support and consultation from  our competent team for a successful introduction and implementation at any time!

  • Automated wheel runout compensation
  • Minimize set-up times
  • Ideal 360° support
  • Can be retrofitted with innovative auxiliary modules

Make your service demand objective 

API software systems illustrate diagnostic results to customers in simple terms to enable quick decisions regarding repair work and maintenance demands on the basis of the transparent vehicle analysis. 


Increase your potential for active reception

Focus on each customer and their vehicles and provide an unique service experience! Thanks to API you now have the time to do so.


Boost customer loyalty and create a comprehensive brand experience

Give your customers a transparent insight into the current condition of chassis and tires. High-grade API system solutions help you to establish a close bond with customers, from measurements to sending customer reports by email. Your employees professional appearance and cutting-edge equipment will reinforce your customers trust in yourselves and your brand.


Increase turnover by actively and precisely approaching customers

The integrated revision system in the API evaluation tool helps you to keep track of any determined demands. It - helps you to make specific offers to customers, even outside the standard maintenance intervals. Offer your customers replacement tires using the wear forecast and address any existing demands for chassis adjustments individually with each customer!


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