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Your digital active reception linked up with your system!

The API R 1000 combines the digital active reception with an additional interface to your dealer management system and your car repair shop schedule. All information on scheduling and customers is immediately available in the active reception software to optimize planning and processes. The digital API R 500 active reception unites all functions to operate a successful after sales service as part of a comprehensive system. It provides fully transparent vehicle analysis to your customers.

Use individually configured check lists, analyze damage to the car body and record all tire data. Offer your customers an objective basis for making decisions regarding the required maintenance and repair work. Illustrate analysis results in clearly arranged overviews to provide a service beyond service!

  • Link to your dealer management and car repair scheduling system!
  • Perfectly schedule your car repair shop capacities!
  • Evaluate all active reception processes!
  • Keep track of repair demands!

Active Reception Cockpit

The ARC is a transparent and intuitive user interface to enter customer and vehicle data as well as present analysis results. Information is input during active reception using a tablet PC so you always have all important functions available on a single, compact device. The complex active reception results are clearly illustrated for customers in simple terms to allow you to discuss them on location. 

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Link to dealer management system/car repair shop scheduling system

An interface to your dealer management system/car repair shop scheduling system allows you to transfer scheduling, customer and vehicle data to our active reception system. Consequently, there is no need to manually input data into our system. Quickly have planned tasks at hand to prepare for your customer meetings. Use the ARC on a tablet PC in customer meetings wherever you are. 


Recording damage to the car body

Mark damaged components by a click on a 3D model and save specially prepared damage descriptions and measures. Document damages using the photo function of your tablet. Use prices from a data base to create an offer during sales meetings with customers at the push of a button. 

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Multiple individually configurable check lists

Create several digital check lists to match your individual requirements and the manufacturer specifications. Benefit from a complete check as part of active reception. Save photographs for each item you need to check and add information by entering comments. 


Recording tire data

Quickly and easily record all important tire data using an intelligent user interface. As a result, you will be able to inform customers about the tires wear limits and offer a service that goes beyond service.


Presentation for the Customer

Easily and transparently illustrate analysis results using clear illustrations. As a result, you will have good points in sales meetings. 

Evaluation and Configuration

The Management Cockpit is an evaluation and configuration portal. It allows viewing all active reception processes at a glance and makes individual adjustments your active reception. Evaluate and compare your turnover and processes over a certain period of time. Be permanently aware of the level of implementation of your active reception potential. Additionally, our data center enables you to evaluate existing and future maintenance and repair work demands at a glance.






R 1000 can be combined with

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