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Gain a competitive edge sans the need of development resources!

The workshop business is going digital. Our solutions for the digital reception - the evolution of the active reception - are here to help service teams to identify, to visualize, and to predict demand of car holders. The positive feedback of car dealers, vehicle manufacturers, and partners proofs us right to engage in a strategy of an open and high performance system architecture offering a win-win approach for everyone involved. That's what we simply call the "APi ecosystem".

Thus, we enable our partners to manufacture, to market, and to sell the APi hardware on their own.






Do it yourself!

Do exactly as you please! APi fully supports you in the implementation of the next steps.

  • Independently manufacturing, marketing and selling APi products
  • Use your own corporate identity to market the APi products
  • Sell at your own prices
  • Negotiate the right deal with your suppliers on your own, e. g. terms and conditions




your product. our Know How.

We know how it works. And we love to share our know how with you because sharing is caring.

  • Design drawing including CAD files
  • Bill of materials, circuit diagrams, technical specifications
  • Contacts of qualified suppliers
  • Required information to successful set up your production site





The first step made easy.

Become an APi hardware partner and realize our joint plans easily.
To manufacture APi products the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Contractual safeguarding including a nonrecurring minimum purchase quantity
  • Evaluation phase to conduct a market analysis
  • Advance payment (installment) for software and codes
  • Release for production through APi on the basis of a first prototype




ask for more information

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about APi, our products or the partner programm!

Sebastian Stadtmüller
Head of Product Management

+49 [0] 341 - 91 365 - 105