Content: Customer satisfaction

Only satisfied customers are good customers.

A comprehensive collection of individual data is required to determine customer demands. Determining this data is our first step. To ensure everything works out fine, we safeguard perfect team play between assistance and service staff.

When the customers arrive, service advisors already have all the data available on their tablet PC. Then you move on to check the vehicle using an intelligent list. All issues are documented with a few simple clicks and the integrated camera. For this purpose, our API active reception robots measure chassis and tires fully automatically as part of a non-contact procedure.

All vehicle data is saved in the API Cloud to be at hand whenever you need it. It goes without saying that we strictly adhere to valid data protection regulations.

At the end, customers have a clear and comprehensible overview of

  • what was checked
  • what is OK
  • what needs to be done
  • what should be done

Customers much appreciate this level of transparency. Informed customers are more likely to place orders. If necessary, send the demand analysis including photographs to customers by email before calling them. And even if customers opt for not having everything rectified at once, you can visualize demands again the next time.


How does this generate profits? Come this way!